Advanced Funeral Planning

Throughout life, it is the unexpected, or that which we have not planned for, that causes us the greatest anxiety. As we prepare for our future or face the death of a loved one, unexpected questions sometimes add to our uncertainty and burden of grief. Do my loved ones know what I want? Will the funds available allow for the service and burial that I want and that my family envisions?

Advanced Funeral Planning is a gift to your loved ones that lets your wishes be known while giving you comfort that your wishes will be met and your family will be cared for in their time of grief. This is accomplished through:

  • A free funeral consultation in the comfort of your home or our funeral home that addresses your personal wishes.
  • The completion of a Memorial Guide, which is a free service provided by our funeral home, that documents information pertinent to your obituary, death certificate, and funeral requests.
  • Funding options that meet your financial needs and eliminate future funeral expenses.

By contacting our Advanced Planning Team today, you can begin the process and experience the peace of knowing your funeral arrangements have been made and your loved ones have been provided for.

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